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Portainer V2 Templates for Selfhosted Projects/Homelabs

This is a template focused on helping people spin up selfhosted services using Portainer.

Portainer V1 Templates for Selfhosted Projects/Homelabs has moved to

url: Template/template.json !!!This template will no longer be maintained!!!


  1. A server/NAS with docker installed
  2. A Portainer setup.

Want something we don’t have? Make an issue and we’ll work on adding it


  1. Login to your portainer setup go to settings
  2. Enable Use external templates
  3. Add the url: then go to app templates and hit refresh at the top.


All templates are already configured to bind mount to various places on your drive. This branch works without the need for OMV. The following folders are all created in /portainer/


If you wish to contribute make a pull request, create an issue, or email me.


See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.